Importance of women health from economic perspective

The health of the people is an index of the prosperity and well being of a country. It is of paramount importance as a national assert and basis to sustain as well as to stimulate optimum levels of efficiency.Now-a-days it is widely recognized that human capital place a dominant role in the context of economic development and health is an important component of human capital.Visit here . The issue of health is of greater importance both from the point of view of individuals and the nation. It is through enhancement of health status, that a country like India can accelerate the pace of economic development and minimize wastage of human resources in terms of mortality and morbidity. In fact, health status exercises profound influence on human resource development and effective utilization of human resources.

There is, broadly a correspondence between the level of economic development attained by a country and the health of its population. Improvement in the health of human resources leads to increase the productivity and also helps them to enjoy output of these efforts fully.Health is a common theme in most cultures. Health continues to be a neglected entity despite lip services. At the individual levels, it cannot be said that health occupies an important place. It is usually subjected to other needs defined as more important, e.g.., wealth, power, prestige, knowledge, security. Health is often taken for granted, and its value is not fully understood until it is lost.



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